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It's Time for Your Annual Pause: 7 Questions for the New Year

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

It’s a New Year. How are you feeling about it?

I’m feeling a mix of things: excited, restless, tentatively optimistic, with cravings for physical and cultural adventures. What I’m noticing most in me is a strong desire to learn and go deep this year – to feel enriched and thoroughly alive. There’s a “let me at ‘em” spirit rising up in me.

What’s rising up in you? What are you noticing?

This is such a good time to pause and check-in with yourself and start setting out breadcrumbs that will lead you down the path to the kind of year you’ll look back on and want to celebrate.

The last few years have driven home the fact that we can’t control what happens around us. What we can control are the destinations we set for ourselves and how we react to what life brings. The more clarity we have about where we want to go, and how we choose to be along the way, the more likely we are to find the journey rewarding.

Here are a few pause-worthy questions to contemplate as we enter 2023. Before you consider them, I invite you to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, and open your heart and mind to self-kindness and curiosity.

If you should notice a Judgy inner voice as you answer any of these questions, close your eyes and take deep breaths again – restart with the "Judge" set to the side. You’re an amazing and perfectly imperfect human being putting your sights on a new horizon – and you deserve the very best.

7 Questions for the New Year:

1. Looking back on 2022, what do you want to celebrate yourself for and how do you want to celebrate?

2. What got left off the table in 2022 that you want to make sure is top of mind in 2023?

3. What did you learn in 2022 – maybe even about yourself – that you want to be sure to apply this year?

4. What is a theme (or 2) that would excite you to declare for 2023? In 1 word or just a few. 2023: My Year of _________________________. For example: Purpose in Motion, Adventure, Personal Connection, Courageous Action, Fun, Positive Challenge, Deep Learning….

5. What is at least one thing you are ready to put into motion this year and what makes this so important?

6. Imagine yourself at the end of 2023, pausing just as you are now: what are you raising a glass to celebrate?

7. What is one step you will take this week – big or small – to put your theme for 2023 into action?

Coach Tip: Write your theme/s across the top of your TO DO list each day to keep them top of mind. Ask yourself what you could put on your list today and every day that aligns with the theme.

Your life is worth a pause here and there, to make sure you’re not operating on autopilot and are consistently making choices in service of what matters most to you.

This is that moment. Hit PAUSE, then go get 'em!

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