How often do you feel like this?

Disappointed with yourself, others, or circumstances?

Derailed by negative thoughts or feelings?

Defensive, resentful or irritable?

Stuck in overwhelm, procrastination or avoidance?

Distracted, unable to enjoy the present moment?

  • Stress Less, Thrive More
  • Stress Less, Thrive More

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Sandy Beach

How quickly can you recover from negative thoughts, feelings, or interactions?  

Fast enough to avoid the cascade of unintended outcomes that come from acting from a negative mindset? Outcomes like:

  • damaged relationships

  • lost time & lowered performance

  • reduced self-confidence

  • stress, frustration, anxiety

"Saboteurs" are negative thought patterns that take

the wheel when we’re under stress. Find out which Saboteurs are driving your life. The "Pleaser?" "Controller?" "Hyper-Achiever?"


Take this free saboteur assessment from the creators of Positive Intelligence.

How do you self-sabotage?
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Mental fitness is the X-factor for happiness and realizing our potential. We can measurably grow it in as little as 6-8 weeks.

Want to learn how to build a Jedi-like ability to shift into a calm, clear, positive mindset?

FREE 1-Hr Mental Fitness 101:

"Stress Less, Thrive More"

  • December 7th: 7-8 PM ET 

  • December 8th: 1-2 PM ET 

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • The #1 saboteur to happiness and top cause of mental suffering

  • 3-step formula to train your brain for positivity

  • Mental fitness exercises you can apply immediately

Step in to the

Mental Fitness "Gym"

7-Week Intensive Course for Adults and Teens 15+ to Build Core Mental Muscles

  • Reduce the unintended impacts of negative thought patterns on your performance, relationships and peace of mind

  • Join one of a limited number of small groups that will go through the course together

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Meet Your Mental Fitness Coaches

Wendy Reed

Certified Professional Coach specializing in mental fitness and mind/body coaching

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Valerie Lingeman

Executive and Leadership Coach

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